Samsung #NoteIt Key Visuals

Campaign Design, Art Direction

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Directors: 
Stuart Brown, Brandon Davis
Art Director: Caitlin Alexander Concepting: Rehanah Spence

Other Designers: Bianca Hansrote

I led and organized design for the launch of the Galaxy Note 8. We created 9 Key Visuals to show off the new Smart S-Pen, in support the idea, “a new way to communicate.” I art directed assets to be used online, in OOH and as part of a massive, 42-screen Times Square takeover.

We briefed each artist to convey specific messages—things that normal people communicate every day.

These were assigned based on the facial expressions and body language of the models, and also the style and tone of the illustrators.

Key Visual Artists: 

Will Bryant · Look Who’s Four!
Laura Callaghan · Girls’ Night
Ana Strumpf · Sweet Dreams
Ewa Mos · Hungry?
Camilla Perkins · Out of Office
Hattie Stewart · Peace!
Annu Kilpeläinen · You Busy?
Richie Velasquez · Hahaha
Shawna X · xoxo

We cycled through various colored Key Visuals within Times Square to make the greatest impact.


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Art Direction

Hi, my name is Lea. 

I’m a brand designer, illustrator and art director working in Portland, OR. In my six years of design experience, I have worked for an arts publication, at a startup, in nimble studio environments, and for an advertising behemoth. Currently, I am thoughtfully shaping brands over at OMFGCO.