Campaign Design

Campaign Design, Illustration

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Design Director: Guy Featherstone
Design Lead: Sue Murphy

Other Designers: Paul Levy, Sarah Hollowood, Alex Sanchez, James Aloysius

I worked as part of a team to create a campaign look and feel for Chobani. We established a look and feel around the idea of “rebel optimism” and “good food for all.” We created mixed media assets and created a comprehensive style guide document.

A selection of style guide document pages that we created.

In our meetings, we took a workshop-esque, approach. We papered entire presentation rooms with competitor audits, organized mood imagery, and an array of design explorations.

I personally worked on various collage-inspired series as part of our design exploration. 


Brand Audits 
Competitive Landscape Audits
Brand Foundations
Brand Identity / Systems

Art Direction

Hi, my name is Lea. 

I’m a brand designer, illustrator and art director working in Portland, OR. In my six years of design experience, I have worked for an arts publication, at a startup, in nimble studio environments, and for an advertising behemoth. Currently, I am thoughtfully shaping brands over at OMFGCO.